The BGA Team Hit The Streets For The Eat Wild Campaign

We headed out of the office to spread the word on game.

The Eat Wild and British Game Alliance team headed out of the office last Wednesday, hitting the streets (and tube carriages) of London to spread the word on the benefits of British game meat over other alternatives. From Brixton to Liverpool Street and the likes of Oxford Circus to Fulham, we covered it, starting new conversations and spreading an important message to the public.




Equipped with 20,000 Pheasant Ramen recipe leaflets, we visited different corners of London to get these into the hands of the public. Printed on the overleaf was the nutritional values of Grouse, Pheasant and Partridge in comparison to the nation’s favourite, Chicken.


The leaflet read “Wild game is lean, sustainable and unbelievably flavourful. Isn’t it time you tried it?”, and we hope many of the people we spoke to that day did go on to try it. The BGA is not scared of getting its hands dirty. This is just one of the ways we aim to promote wild game to the public this year It’s with this precedent that we look ahead to what we hope will be a very successful 2019/20 season.


One user messaged us and said “Got one of your flyers through the door yesterday. I think this is such a great idea! Really hope this goes well for you guys.”



The response on social media has been huge, with over 7oo new followers on the Eat Wild Instagram account.