The Glorious Twelfth – 2019

Grouse Runs, Cooking in the Field and Fine Dining

For lovers of British game lovers, the Glorious Twelfth is a special date. Marking the start of the shooting season in the UK every year, this is the first day of the year that we can sample Britain’s world-class stock of wild grouse. 

Red grouse is known for its deeply flavoured meat, has about 5% less fat than chicken as well as nearly twice the protein. With the help of a number of BGA assured grouse moors across Yorkshire and Scotland, we were lucky enough to witness some of the first birds making their way onto restaurant tables throughout the country. 

Our National Sales Manager, Leon Davies, joined by BGA Ambassador Jonathan McGee, headed up to a BGA assured estate in Yorkshire for a walked up day to shoot, cook and serve fresh Grouse to the Estate. Leon was lucky enough to shoot the first bird of the day, at around 10.30am, soon enough preparing a brace to be cooked over fire. Leon cooked a number of different creations, showcasing the true versatility of the meat, including Chipotle Grouse Breast, Moroccan Spiced Grouse Breast and Jamaican Jerk Grouse thigh served with corn and purple stem broccoli. Streamed live to the @britishgamealliance and @letseatwild followers, these recipes are available at






Up in North Yorkshire, the Ian Coley Team raced to deliver the first grouse from morning shoots to diners in the Wheatsheaf Inn, North Leach, Cotswolds, by the evening. Ian Coley Representatives, Jack Sadler and Edward Darbishire were joined by 7 other guns, had a fantastic day and secured 30 brace at the Hawnby & Arden Moor Estate, which were later eaten with 2 servings across all 3 rooms of the Wheatsheaf Inn. 

















Despite most of the UK’s grouse stock coming from Northern England and Scotland Moorlands, London restaurants are as keen as any to get their hands on the meat straight away. The famous Jugged Hare, Barbican, London is a BGA assured stockist and hosted a brilliant ‘Glorious Grouse’ evening, sourcing birds from Lincolnshire Game, to be one of the first restaurants in the capital to serve Grouse that evening. Tom attended the event and gave a short talk on the BGA and the assurance scheme. We also helped deliver to the Harewood Arms in Fulham. 








Head to the Eat Wild website for further recipe inspiration for the Grouse and game season: 


We also hand-delivered BGA assured grouse to high-level influencers, chefs and food critics such as William Sitwell. This had a great response across social media spreading the word about BGA assured game and delivering game to a new audience.