The Launch of Twelve New and Innovative Game Products

Lord Mark Price addresses guests on the innovation in game


The British Game Alliance (BGA) has launched twelve innovative game products to be sold into a variety of food service businesses around the country.

Launched on 12th June at The Fable in Farringdon, 130 guests from the food industry enjoyed the opportunity to sample the new products, cooked on the night by the BGA’s National Sales Manager and ex-chef, Leon Davies. The Fable lent itself as a fantastic modern and forward-thinking venue, to complement the BGA’s innovative product offering.

Joined by wholesalers, contract caterers, chefs, and restaurateurs, Lord Mark Price, who was the Managing Director of Waitrose and Minster for Trade and Investment, and now BGA Ambassador, spoke during the evening with a speech on the status of the game meat market, opportunities available from a retailer’s perspective and the BGA’s objectives.

These new commercial products include the likes of Panko Pheasant Goujons, Keepers Pie, Hunters Ham and Pulled Pheasant thigh, which the BGA have developed with leading food industry development chefs to suit modern demands. The new game products aim to attract a new audience, showcasing game to the market and consumers in a way and at a price point that has not been done before with a scalable model.

The BGA are working to bring these new products to market over the next few months through contracts with outlets and distributors.


Matt Tough, Commercial Director of the BGA said, “We have been working closely with Bingham and Jones to develop twelve fantastic new game products which make it easy for chefs and food service providers to add game to their menus. We are taking them on a journey to start thinking differently about game. The BGA was set up 18 months ago to bring game into the 21st century after long being an undervalued and underutilised source of protein. We hope to change this with new products such as these entering the mainstream market.

Lord Mark Price, BGA Ambassador said, “As BGA Ambassador, I am delighted to support the BGA’s aims of ensuring the game sector has a thriving future. The new and innovative products the BGA have developed will bring game to the forefront of the mainstream market, celebrating its healthy and sustainable credentials.”

Winston Matthews, Food and Beverage Director at Busaba Eathai said, “Game is definitely a natural wild food source that Busaba are now considering for future menu development following this great event. The versatile nature of the product works well with our Thai flavours and aromates. Busaba has always been known for its innovative Thai dishes and I see game becoming a healthy protein alternative.”

BASC chief executive Ian Bell said: “BASC is keen to support initiatives that raise the profile of game meat as a healthy, nutritious and tasty food source. This BGA initiative is providing game products that are sustainable, mainstream and versatile. We hope suppliers will support this to bring this delicious food source to a wider audience.”

The BGA’s objective of getting the great British public to consume more British game is pioneered through its quality assurance scheme, third party assured through Acoura to ensure its credibility, to give businesses and consumers the confidence in the provenance of the product.