Update on Countryfile

BGA urges all shoots to get their game assured and go lead free in light of thorny segment on BBC Countryfile.

After appearing on BBC Countryfile last Sunday, British Game Assurance (BGA) has urged shoots to invest in the future of shooting by registering with BGA and to committing to the phase out of lead shot.


Presenter Tom Heap lead an investigation into the game sector’s use of lead in ammunition and how it is being vountarily phased out. However, the programme was accused of ‘scaremongering’ by viewers who took to social media to vent their frustration. 


Liam Stokes, Chief Executive of BGA, was asked to appear on the programme. He commented:

“The segment was hard viewing for the game sector, but this is why BGA was created: to provide the public with confidence that game shooting is a responsible, responsive food producing sector. The coverage should remind all of us that the tremendous potential of game can be realised if we work together towards a supply chain that is lead free and fully assured. As is always the case when working with television, around 90 minutes of interview was edited down to a 40 second clip, with much of what I said left on the cutting room floor.”


Look out for a comment from Liam shortly.