Update: Post-Brexit Exports of Game to the EU

We have received clarification from Defra which we hope will be useful to vets and exporters.

We are grateful Defra have provided the following clarification regarding the export of game to the EU and we hope it is useful to exporters and especially to vets in the UK. Now we need to gather as much information as we can on the issues occurring at Border Control Posts within the EU so officials can understand why these problems are happening. There is a keen demand for British game in Europe and we need to keep this market open.

  • The statement in Notes For Guidance “II.2.7: These Additional Guarantees do not need to be certified as per note (6) the UK does not have an entry “VIII” in column 5 of Part 1 of Annex I to Regulation No 798/2008.” is correct.


  • The UK is not listed as a country requiring additional guarantees. Therefore, our interpretation is that the footnotes relating to air freight for birds in feather only applies to those countries unreachable by road within the 15-days requisite, and does not apply to birds in-feather being exported from GB to EU.


  • Part II of the CHED is completed by the Border Control Post (BCP) either stating that the consignment is compliant or not.  If not, an explanation is provided.  This might be at a high level only, but it would be useful to have evidence of the reason(s) for rejection(s).


  • Where a consignment has been rejected based on requirement of ‘additional guarantees’, we would be keen to establish clarity on the OCR regulation with appropriate EU Member State(s). We can do this once we have a copy of the CHED Part II which provides this as a reason for rejection.


  • It would be equally useful to understand if there was more than one reason for a consignment being rejected. It would help us disseminate any further guidance to the exporters and vets in the game industry more widely.



Please do send us copies of the EHCs with the corresponding CHED Part II documents from BCPs that provide reasons for rejection.