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What is the BGA

British Game Assurance was set up to promote, develop and assure game meat.

Put simply, game shooting cannot continue without credible self-regulation and it cannot thrive without a market for the birds we shoot. To achieve both, we need widespread implementation of the BGA standards. BGA is almost entirely funded through registration fees of its shoots and game farms and through the efforts of guns, shoots and agents to pay and collect the levy, but we need to widen the net. So this year we are inviting everyone to become an ‘Investor in Standards’ and sign up to our voluntary levy campaign of adding 50p for every bird shot.

So what do you need to do? Sporting agents and shoots can add the levy onto the invoices that are sent to guests and customers, along with a note to explain why paying the levy is vital for the future of shooting. Guns can support the campaign by paying the levy on the invoice, or if it has not been added to the invoice, request that it is. If the shoot or sporting agent will not add the levy, Guns can invest 50p for every bird they intend to shoot directly on our website. To drive the implementation of BGA Shoot Standards, to continue marketing game to supermarkets and hospitality chains and to boost our public-facing promotion of BGA assured game meat, we need you all to commit to collecting and/or paying the levy. Every shoot owner and agent who makes the commitment to collect the levy for the 21/22 season, and every gun committing to pay the levy on every bird they shoot whether the levy appears on the invoice or not, will receive a lapel pin marking you out as an ‘Investor in Standards’, and we will issue certificates acknowledging your contribution at the end of the season.

To help you take part in the campaign, we have produced an information sheet on the BGA website for you to share. Do let us know if you will be collecting and/or paying the levy by emailing so that we can send out your lapel pin before the season begins, so everyone will know the crucial role you are playing in safeguarding the future of shooting.


  • Sporting agents and shoot managers have committed to the goal of offering days exclusively on BGA Member Shoots from the start of the 2023 game shooting season


  • Use of the BGA stamp assures clients that your game is from a high quality source.
  • BGA helps you secure new and significant contracts for game.
  • Access to grants for new game related enterprises and capital improvements such as SALSA.

Become a Stockist

  • Championing game's versatility, taste and superior health benefits.
  • Promoting best practice through its assurance scheme, look out for the logo!
  • Promote to your clients and customers that the game you stock is from an assured source and has the highest possible welfare standards
  • Enables BGA to promote you across social media, through press work and on the Eat Wild website.