Wild Justice – Natural England General Licence

Recent media events highlight the need for credible self-regulation within the shooting industry.

In light of the recent focus on regulation in the shooting industry, the British Game Alliance (BGA) continues to implement self-regulation and credible standards for its shoot members and the wider game meat market.


The BGA has been rolling out the scheme on this for over a year and has established itself as the UK’s official marketing board for feathered game. By working as a supply chain assurance scheme and marketing board for British Game, the BGA is introducing strict quality and welfare standards, helping its members to self-regulate, demanding more from the game industry, securing a future for their game in an increasingly challenging political environment.


Wild Justice, the organisation of which Chris Packham is one of three Directors, recently played an instrumental part in the revocation of the Natural England General Licence. In Chris Packham’s recent interview on Good Morning Britain (30th April 2019), he raised the issue of the lack of regulation in the shooting industry.


The BGA has already begun to successfully address this. Tom Adams, Managing Director of the British Game Alliance said, “From the positive response to the BGA member-shoot audits we have already undertaken, we feel that the industry is currently focused on best practice and credible self-regulation. The BGA aim to have a completely transparent process from ‘Egg to Plate’ in the supply chain, which the whole industry can be proud of.”


From creating a welfare code that encompasses all parts of the process of preparing a game bird, namely Grouse, Pheasant, Partridge and Mallard, from the egg to the plate, the BGA are dedicated to providing traceability, transparency and best practice throughout this process, meeting government and consumer demands.


Together with the support of the UK’s shooting, conservation and food organisations, the BGA can focus on delivering their shared objectives of a sustainable game market and credible self-regulation.